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On 8 May, the HeForShe Flash Tournament brought togehter women's soccer teams from eight universities in Mexico.
UN Women

In recent years, women athletes in what have traditionally been known as “male sports," like soccer, have gained more recognition in Mexico. Initiatives such as the creation of the MX Female League for women soccer players (2017) has facilitated this progress, but also, because women in Mexico are beginning to demand equal conditions and pay in the world of sport.

Guadalupe Aurora San Román Canseco takes a photo with fellow runners.
UN Women

In March 2018, Palmira Martinez was one of more than 70,000 women who ran for gender equality in Mexico as part of the Carrera Bonafont con Causa [Bonafont Race for a Cause], the largest 5K race in the world for women in the world. The race travelled through four cities—Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey and Guadalajara—and included diverse racers from around the country. Girls and young women, mothers and elderly women, as well as women with disabilities, like Martinez, showed up to raise awareness about gender equality and equal labour opportunities between women and men.


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