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Testimony of a beneficiary of the FAO Millennium Development Goals MDG-1 Programme, which reports on her experience following her participation in a Farmer Field School and later as a Care Mother of the nutrition and home gardening component of the MDG1c programme. 


NAMPULA CITY, Mozambique - "Some adolescent girls will leave school to marry for money," 21-year-old Edma told UNFPA. "Some are engaging in unsafe sexual behaviours, unaware of the risks and their rights." Edma sees these realities every day. And she has made it her mission to change things: She has become a mentor.


NAMPULA Mozambique - "Before I entered the safe space, I was shy, and it was difficult for me to express myself. I spent my free time after school with vulnerable girlfriends my age who had left school to marry, and some were even pregnant," 16-year-old Amelia Abadala Salimo told UNFPA.