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To fully understand the Caribbean region, one must look at migration and its effects. This region has experienced - and is still experiencing - several migratory movements which have contributed to the configuration of Caribbean societies. The feminization of migration, the emigration of skilled professionals to developed countries and intra-regional migration are some of the current trends in the region.

UN Women

People have been on the move since the beginning of civilization. The world as we know evolved as the first of our species migrated out of Africa. Today, people are on the move for many different reasons - to escape poverty, conflict and devastation within their own countries, to expand their


Dalia Asinde was married 16 years ago in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She was 22 and in love, she said. But her husband soon became violent - and relentless. She lost count of the beatings, insults and torments he delivered.



In Niger, the Diffa Region bordering Nigeria is home to more than 300,000 refugees who have been driven from their homes by massacres, abduction and rape by Boko Haram militants. Women and children are 70 per cent of displaced persons, and have experienced widespread sexual violence.



On a warm October evening in Geneva, Milly Lagu plays with ducks swimming by the shores of the River Rhone. She seems relaxed and unburdened, after a stressful ordeal during which she shared her story with an August gathering at the Palais des Nations. The leaves on the trees have taken on autumn hues.


Knowing the soldiers would soon return for her two eldest sons, Milly and her children fled the village of Opari, South Sudan, in December 2013, with the screams of neighbours and sounds of gunfire still ringing in their ears.

Hauwa Madu, 13, is so happy to be able to attend school and has big plans for the future.  © UNHCR/Rahima Gambo

Tears tumbled down the cheeks of 13-year-old Hauwa Madu as she recalled the death of her father three years ago at the hands of one of the world's most feared terrorist groups.


 At home in the Darfur region of Sudan, Hosna's family were farmers and herders. Like every other young woman she knew, she got married and had a family. Then war broke out and armed men raided her village.


"I decided that I was going to try to convey some of the lessons that I'd learned about being a human being from the refugees to people around me in my community" Credit: Odessa Rae Kate Daudy is a London-based artist who created 'Am I My Brother's Keeper?'