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Concerted global efforts have led to a 60% drop in new infections among children, which has averted 1.2 million new HIV infections among children in 21 priority countries since 2009.



    In every field of human endeavour - science, law, politics, and many others - women have made incredible contributions. Across the globe, however, the daily story of millions of women and young girls is too often not one of success, attainment and accomplishments; instead, it is a frightening story of alarming discrimination, economic disparity and appalling violence, including sexual violence.

    UN News Centre

    While the world clearly has the political will and legal tools to take on human traffickers and their criminal networks, what are needed is more meaningful international cooperation and adequate funding to take effective action, senior United Nations officials said today, warning that the scourge now has victims spread across 152 different citizenships in 124 countries.